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How Does My Body Detoxify in the Water?

Detoxification occurs throughout the skin. After the lungs, the skin is the second largest area of detoxification of the body. Water is a superior medium used because up to 80% of the human body is water and the energy transfer between like substances is efficient and effective. In the energy field created by the Bio-Cleanse Technologies system, a massive negative ion field is created in the water. These negative ions are easily absorbed by the body. Studies show negative ions neutralize free radicals and have been implicated in the rejuvenation of cells in regards to their ability to “energize” or “charge’ individual cells. This allows cells to more readily release toxins and absorb oxygen. When the toxic load is lessened through this process, the body’s system will be better equipped to protect itself from further toxins, viruses, and pollutants!

Color of Particles

Material or Area of Body Detoxified


Kidneys, bladder and urinary track




Liver, tobacco, cellular debris



Dark Green


White Foam

Lymphatic system

White Cheese-like Particles

Most likely yeast

Black Flecks

Heavy metals

Red Flecks

Blood clot materials

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